H.E. Ernest Jumbe Mangu - High Commissioner
High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania in Kigali, Rwanda

Welcome to the Home Page of the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania to Rwanda. We are delighted to be able to share with you a wealth of information about Tanzania and hope that your journey through our information pages and hot links will be as informative as it will enjoyable.

On this website you will find comprehensive information and advice on doing business with the United Republic of Tanzania. You will also get information on our Consular service particularly how to apply for an entry visa to Tanzania as well as other valuable information about the country.

The Vision and Mission of the High Commission is to forge and uphold the best possible relations between the Government and people of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Governments of the three receiving states and their peoples building on the historical and fraternal ties that have developed over years of struggle for freedom. The bottom line is to translate the prevailing cordial and much cherished political relations into tangible and mutually beneficial economic partnerships.

Through the Mission’s website we strive to provide you information on consular affairs, such as issuance of visas, issuance and renewal of passports, authentication/certification of documents, trade and investment opportunities, travel, tax incentives, news worthy issues, Diaspora in Rwanda and Tourism

Tanzania’s Foreign Policy focus on promoting Economic Diplomacy, and therefore the country is open for business and continues to provide investment opportunities with assured conducive investment environment. The same applies at the regional under the East African Community (EAC); Continental Level under the African Union (AU) and Multilateral level under of the United Nations (UN) and other Multilateral Bodies.

To that effect, the High Commission welcomes investors and international travelers to Tanzania to take advantage of the unmatched investment opportunities and abundant tourist attractions obtaining in the country.

Some of the investment opportunities include Mining (e.g. gemstones, gold, diamonds and the unique tanzanite); Manufacturing (especially textile and leather, chemical industry, construction materials, agro-processing, electric and electronic goods); Agriculture (e.g. large scale farming of food and other crops such as maize, wheat, sunflower, soyabeans, cotton, sisal, coffee, tea, tobacco, pyrethrum, sugarcane, cashew nuts, cloves, barley, cocoa, castor oil, palm oil, fruits and vegetables, fresh cut flowers, cardamom and other spices; Livestock (e.g. beef, sheep and goat ranching, dairy farming, and poultry); Infrastructure Development (highways and roads, marine and air transport, harbours, railways and telecommunications);  Petroleum and Gas; Natural Resources (fishing, forestry).
As for
tourism, visitors to Tanzania will not be disappointed as the country is endowed with such world class tourist attractions that they will be forgiven for thinking they are in a dreamland. Some of these breathtaking attractions include the spectacular and highest mountain in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro, the Spice Islands of Zanzibar and Pembathe Selousthe Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park recently declared one of the worlds new seven wonders. These attractions coupled with the warmth and hospitality of Tanzanians as well as the county’s enviable track record of good and democratic governancepeace and tranquility make Tanzania stand out as one of the best tourist destinations on the continent.

Now that you have an insight of who we are and what the country can offer, we warmly welcome you to visit and do business in the United Republic of Tanzania, the Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti.

H.E Ernest Jumbe Mangu
The High Commissioner of the Republic of Tanzania, Kigali, Rwanda.